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Sumatera Kerinci Arabica

Sumatera Kerinci Arabica

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The Story

Sumatra- Kerinci is most popular for its unique flavor profile, low acidity, full body, and natural rustic flavors that are best described as earthy. Most Kerinici are excellent farmers, evident from their excellent farming methods. In addition to their primary crop rice (planted in both irrigated and non-irrigated fields), they also plant potatoes, vegetables and tobacco. Those living in the foothills of the mountains are slash-and-burn farmers, moving to new fields every few years. They plant coffee, cinnamon and cloves. The primary forest product is rattan and resin. Most Kerinci living near Lake Kerinci and other smaller lakes are fishermen.

Notes: Peach, Brown Sugar, Chocolate

Altitude: 1200 - 1300 MASL

Procesing Method: Washed

Roasting Profile: Medium


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