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Rattan Brunch Hampers by Riani Rattan

Rattan Brunch Hampers by Riani Rattan

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Rattan Brunch : Hampers Set

A lovely addition to your tableware for hosting a sunday brunch with your friends and family.

Category : Serveware
1). Round Tray, No Handle, Rattan, Qty : 1, Size: d40x4, Weight: 1.07 Kg
2). Round Placemat, Medium, Rattan, Qty: 6, Size : d35, Weight: 2.83 Kg
3). Oval Seethrough Fruit Basket, Rattan Qty: 1, Size: 30x25x7, Weight: 0.23 Kg
4). Oval Fruit Basket, Rattan,Small, Qty: 1, Size: 28x18x6, Weight: 0.31 Kg
5). Round Coasters, Rattan, Qty: 6, Size: d10, Weight: 0.24 Kg
6). Napkin Ring, Tall , Rattan, Qty: 6, Size: 
d5x4,5, Weight: 0.12 Kg

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