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Lime Leaf Seasoning

Lime Leaf Seasoning

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This variant smells of fresh orange leaves, and is made from onion and others spices, commonly Used for stir fry and clear soup or for those who Like light-seasoned dishes.
Ingredients: Limes, spices, natural sugar, sea salt, coconut oil, onions,

By Used

• Sauce & curries

• Cooking & Mixing

• Rubs & Marinades

• Dips & Dressing



By Ingredients

• Rice/Noodles

• Beef/Chicken

• Fish/Seafood

• Soup

• Vegetables

• White Curry


By Recipe

• Fried Rice

• Oriental cooking like Tjap Djae

• Oxtail Soup

• Soto Bandung

• Stir Fry


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