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Kebuli Seasoning

Kebuli Seasoning

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Kebuli is a savory spicy rice dish found in Indonesia. This seasoning is cooked with flavor mutton broth andmilkalsosaminoil Served with mutton fried and sometimes Spriklend with
 sliced dates or raisin or fried Green beans.
Ingredients: spices, natural sugar, sea salt, coconut oil, nutmeg, cumin.

By Used

• Rubs & Marinades

• Sauce & Curries

• Cooking & Mixing

 • Baking

• Cajun/Barbequ

By Ingredient

• Rice/Noodles

• Beef/Chicken

• Pasta

• Vegetables

• Tofu

• Lam

By  Recipe

• Fried Rice/ Kebuli

• Tongseng (Java Traditional)

• Gulai (Curry)

• or Begana

• Caju

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